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Product Change Notice & End-of-Life Policy

This statement only applies to Embedded Flash Solutions (eFlash products).

Apacer is dedicated to providing the top quality and reliable products for our valued customers. To ensure that our product can keep meeting market demand and adopting forward-looking technology, Apacer may periodically announce product change or cease the production of obsolete models. This document states the policy of Apacer Product Change Notice (PCN) & End-of-Life (EOL) criteria.

Product Change Notice Policy:

As part of Apacer design procedures, any major change that may impact on form, dimension, quality, function, endurance or reliability is required to inform customers to know about. Prior to implementing any noticeable changes, the guidelines to issue PCN under certain circumstance with required information are defined as below:

  • 1.Product Change Notice must contain below information:
    • a.Affected product with Part Number
    • b. Change description
    • c. Reason for product change
    • d. Recommended Replacement/Action
    • e. Schedule includes Effective date, Last-Buy-Order date, Last-Buy-Shipment date
  • 2. In terms of flash industries nature, flash vendors have no choice to improve process efficiency in order to reach a compromise among cost, performance and reliability. Thus, in case flash chip process changes, Apacer will provide the EOL letter released by vendor along with the PCN a minimum of two (2) months before the implementation of any affected products changes.
  • 3. Based on certain conditions, in case the controller's firmware changes, Apacer will provide the PCN a minimum of three (3) months before the implementation of any affected products changes.
  • 4. Considering a hardware change may need long-term verification in customer side, so in case the product's hardware (key component or PCB) changes, Apacer will provide the PCN a minimum of six (6) months before the implementation of any affected products changes.
  • 5. During product design stage, customer may request Apacer to provide engineering sample for early design verification, but Apacer has the right to make any modification without notice to customer if the final product version has any change after mass-production.
  • 6. Subject to specific terms and conditions of sale, Apacer reserves the right to make corrections, modifications, enhancements, improvements and other minor changes to its product and service at any time without notice.

Below table shows the policy under different circumstances:


Month 1

Month 2

Month 3

Month 4

Month 5

Month 6


Flash Changes

←PCN L.B.O.1        

Controller Firmware Changes

←PCN   L.B.O.1      

Hardware Changes
(Key component or PCB,
excluding flash)

←PCN         L.B.O.1

Engineering Sample Changes


1: L.B.O. = Last-Buy-Order Date

End-of-Life Policy

To continually provide our customers with industry-leading solutions, Apacer retires outdated product versions in order to focus more resources on enhancing current versions that support state-of-the-art technology. Thus, the following guideline applies to all products developed by Apacer:

  • 1. End-of-Life letter must contain below information:
    • a. Affected product with Part Number
    • b. Reason for EOL
    • c. Recommended Replacement
    • d. Schedule includes End-of-Sale date; Last-Buy-Order date; Last-Buy-Shipment date
    • e. Warranty and RMA terms
  • 2. In case product re-design, decrease in sales or long-term shortage of key components, Apacer will provide advance notice of EOL one (1) year prior to it's Last-Buy-Shipment date, but sometimes a shorter notification may be required to inform customers with limited supply if any material availability issue.
  • 3. Apacer commits to provide spares and replacement parts for RMA purpose for a period of three (3) years from the Last-Buy-Shipment date.
  • 4. All products maintain their full warranty after EOL, customer with active business will continue to receive technical support from Apacer in accordance with warranty terms, but not to exceed three (3) years from the product Last-Buy-Shipment date.
  • 5. Based on certain conditions, Apacer reserves the right to advance the product Last-Buy-Order date and Last-Buy-Shipment date without notice.

Below table shows the policy in terms of EOL:


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Items 6 Months 6 Months

End-of-Life to L.B.S. Timeframe

←EOL Notice      
L.B.O.1→|| L.B.S.2→|

RMA Service
(spare & replacement)

←EOL Notice     E.O.S3

Product Warranty
(FAE support)

←EOL Notice     E.O.W4

1: L.B.O. = Last-Buy-Order Date
2: L.B.S. = Last-Buy-Shipment Date
3: E.O.S. = End-of-Service Date
4: E.O.W. = End-of-Warranty Date

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