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VIVOTEK and Apacer Ally to Present Superior NVR

( Dec 26, 2012 ) Bookmark and Share

As one of the top 50 security protection brands, VIVOTEK ranks among the leading 10 manufacturers in the global network camera market. Based on the innovative technology and robust quality, VIVOTEK’s network video recorder (NVR) has been well-recognized by the market,helping it ascend to the leading position in the global digital monitoring market.To pursue superiority, VIVOTEK adopted the industrial storage solution from Apacer, including PATA modular SSD-- ADM (ATA Disk Module) and SO DIMM, and presented ND8301 surveillance system for enterprises. This surveillance system can be linked to eight channels of five-mega pixel camera and create multipoint image integration management, addressing the demands of remote monitoring on multiple plants of the small-and-medium enterprises. 


To address the demands of multipoint and multitask monitoring, ND8301 adopts Apacer industrial 4GB PATA modular SSD-- ADM as the startup disk. With highly reliable SLC chip, ADM can significantly enhance the reliability and durability of the system and provide OS and applications with separate space, delivering smoother storage. The compact and customized design also allows more flexibility in motherboard design.Moreover, the industrial SO DIMM adopts guaranteed Major IC, providing NVR with more reliable transmission and lower power consumption.With regard to quality control, before fixing the specifications, VIVOTEK always carries out five-day burn-in tests to ensure the system operate smoothly within 0°C~70°C (conventional hard disks can only support 5°C~55°C) as well as the 3 months of videotaping tests simulating users’ ways of use, thus ensuring system reliability and preventing all the data from any loss.Neo Chang, the manager of the product management department in VIVOTEK suggested, "Due to high read-write frequency in monitoring products, in the past when conventional HDD was used as the system hard disk, the system failure caused by overheat in the machine occurred easily. While SSD features reading and storage in the electric potential way, reliability, anti-shock, low heat and no noise. With Apacer SSD, the system can be assured of system reliability, durability and integration of image data."

To better meet the users’ demands on quality, Apacer carries outstringent testing procedures before any shipment as well as perfect customer service process. Jeff Lin, VA Product Department Director of Apacer indicated: "After all the products are verified by customers, it is guaranteed there is no discretionary change of firmware and parts (Flash/Controller/PCB, etc.) and a group of unique tracking number are provided for customers to trace the production history, or to make online repair application or swapping of products, even to require FAE to arrive at the site for troubleshooting. Therefore, customers are provided with the best protection." To shorten the ex-factory process for VIVOTEK, Apacer built in the OS and applications in advance to save the time of installing software for each machine after NVR was delivered from the factory in the past. Now, once the user presses the startup button, the system will enter the installation wizard directly, enabling easy setting.

Nowadays, the global leading IP monitoring manufacturer VIVOTEK has installed Apacer’s PATA modular SSD and the industrial SO DIMM to give NVR a cutting edge in completion.Neo Chang from VIVOTEK highlighted, "Apacer ADM modular SSD, featuring anti-shock, compactness, customized service and comprehensive product lines, is capable of controlling NVR production cost and maximizing monitoring storage effects." In the times when IP monitoring dominates, Apacer, one of the global top 10 PC SSD manufacturers, with rich technical experience of over ten years, is sparing no effort to provide reliable and customized services and monitoring products featuring high efficiency and system stability for more partners, aiming at working out superb digital monitoring systems!



VIVOTEK INC., established in Taiwan in 2000, has quickly grown into a prestigious leading brand in the network video surveillance industry. VIVOTEK’s IP surveillance solution is future-proof and highly reliable, facilitating the transition from traditional CCTV to wholly digital IP surveillance. VIVOTEK offers a comprehensive product lineup, including netwrok cameras, video servers, video receivers, NVR, and central management software. Through more than 160 authorized distributors worldwide, a broad array of VIVOTEK’s products are successfully deployed by security dealers, telecoms and system integrators for a variety of applications and projects such as banking, city surveillance, hotel, transportation, retail, and more.



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