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Apacer introduces mini SATA Module SSD Designed for 1U Server

Embedded Write Protect for the security of enterprises’ data

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Currently, 1U server is a compact standard rack server with low cost and consumption. It isideal for being deployed in computer facilities or Internet Data Center demanding higher density space or in industrial computers for special application. To meetthese demands, Apacer launched the next-gen SATA modular SSD, SDM4 7P/180D LP2 (SATA Disk Module 7Pin/180Degree Low Profile 2) specially designed for 1U server. This product provides storage solutions featuring mini customization, Write Protect Switch,  built-in power supply connector, wide-temp operation and high reliability.This meetscustomers’ demands on space configuration within small mechanisms and createsoperation environments with excellent reliability.


The low-profile SDM4 7P/180D LP2 is only 29.3mm high, which effectivelyenhancesthe air ventilation in the 1U chassis. With the unique design of the built-in power supply circuit in the 7 pin SATA connector, it can make electricity-powered operation without external power cable. In addition, it has a uniquelocking mechanism, which enables it to be closely plugged into the SATA slot on the motherboard.Iteliminatesthe problem of the electric power cable being loosened by shock.For the Write Protect switch function of this product, Jeff Lin, the Value-added Business Unit Director of Apacer, suggested,“In addition to the miniaturized design of compact appearance, built-in power supply connector and unique locking mechanism,SDM4 7P/180D LP2 also boasts the Write Protect switch of hardwaredesign, which can lock the Write Protect function directly on the host.It enhances the flexibilityin application.”Therefore, in many industrial computers or equipments, once information managers complete setting, they can directly lock the switch on the host, allowing only data reading and no data writing. Itnot only ensures thatonly theIT personnel withaccess to the host can manage the data, but also avoidsthe malicious attack and falsification from remote terminals, thus safeguarding the safety of the data and the system.

In the chip choice, in addition to SLC storage solution (1GB~16GB),the cost-effective MLC chip line (4GB ~ 32GB), supporting the industry-level wide-temp (-40°C ~ 85°C) operation, can also be found in Apacer’s SDM4 7P/180D LP2. Moreover, this product also features the ECC (Error Correcting Code) function, S.M.A.R.T (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) and ATA Secure Erase command, fully addressing the demand of high reliability by the system integrators. This, along with the support of Windows 7 TRIM command for optimization, has made the SSD the prime choice among storage solutions.

In addition to offering the outstanding product specifications, Apacer highlights on the unique Fixed BOM for customersthat firmware and components of all the products can be fixed upon customers’ verification to ensure stable supply. Jeff Lin, the Value-added Business Unit Director of Apacer, further explained,“With more than ten years of experiences in the SSD market, Apacer is famed for the excellent capability for customization, stringent manufacturing quality and timely technical support.It is not only the best partner for enterprises but also one of the top ten PC SSD suppliers in the world capable of passing the certifications required by the Tier-1 tech giantsin the U.S. and Japan. Apacer’s SDM4 7P/180D LP2 - the SSD with miniaturized design specially for 1U server-is equipped withWrite Protect Switch,built-in power supply connector and stableoperation in wide-temp environments, making it the best storage solution with high reliability.”



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