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QNAP unveils high-quality cloud-based storage via Apacer’s USB disk module

( Oct 24, 2012 ) Bookmark and Share

Famed around the globe for NAS (network attached storage) and NVR surveillance solution, QNAP’s cloud-based network storage product, the TS-x79 series, features consistent high-security, high-reliability, handy-to-use and high-efficiency tradition, along with guaranteed VMware ready, Citrix ready and Microsoft Hyper-V compatible certification. The TS-x79 series has become the best storage option for high-end SMBs to go for virtualization cloud. This series ensures stability, security and performance due to the adoption of Apacer’s USB disk module as startup disk.


David Tsao, Product Manager of QNAP, indicated: “QNAP features exquisite appearance and miniaturized internal installation in product design for optimal configuration of the body. USB Disk Module (UDM) plays a main role among Apacer’s embedded SSD at present, featuring electronic data access, shock resistance, compactness, high efficiency and proper functioning under extended temperature (0°C ~ 70°C) in normal temperature environment, and ensures 100% highly-reliable stable performance, making it the prime choice for operating system or OS backup.” Besides compliance with product specifications, QNAP also conducts hundreds of quality inspections and various kinds of environmental tests to select components and parts. Apacer not only passes such verification but offers unique Fixed BOM after every specification inspection. It prevents discretionary changes of firmware and parts, and renders highly-reliable services.

“Besides satisfaction with design, efficacy and quality requirements, the essence of Apacer’s long-term cooperation with QNAP lies in Apacer’s complete and considerate overall support services,” Jeff Lin, the Value-added Business Unit Director of Apacer, further explained. For 2012, QNAP presents more than 60 new models that adopt Apacer’s USB disk module. Apacer not only made customization adjustment and used specific and unique Fixed BOM for strict control, but also preloaded the operating system needed for various models to save customers’ production time, making itself the most trustworthy partner of QNAP.

In the cloud computing era, Apacer has also developed SSD product lines via SATA II/III, PATA, PCIe and other interfaces besides embedded SSDs. According to Gartner 2012 Report, Apacer has become one of the top 10 PC SSD suppliers in the world, and continually researches and develops highly stable industrial-level equipment and provides comprehensive cloud-based products. David Tsao, Product Manager of QNAP, expressed with satisfaction: “QNAP Turbo NAS adopts Apacer’s USB disk module as the core system storage, boasting compact design and high reliability. It has enabled QNAP to create quality cloud-based storage system and to provide the most stable storage solution for enterprises.”



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