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Apacer launches mSATA Mini SSD module optimized for compactness

( Oct 19, 2012 ) Bookmark and Share

Consistently devoted to the compactness and lightweight of the terminal devices, Apacer, one of top ten PC SSD manufacturers in the world, rolls out mSATA Mini M4 SSD of Small Form Factor (SFF for short) today to meet the market demands. The product is only 26.8 × 29.85 mm in size. Compared with mSATA SSD adopting JEDEC MO-300 standard specification, this latest model has its size reduced by over 1/2. Featuring ultra-compactness and slimness, it can break through the physical limit of the spatial design, and significantly reduce the size and weight of the terminal device. In addition, it also boasts anti-shock, anti-vibration and low power consumption, thus enabling itself to become the most reliable storage choice for the portable devices applied in the military, medical equipment, on-board navigation system, tablet computer, etc.


Apacer’s mSATA Mini M4 adopts 52-pin gold finger mSATA connector capable of supporting SATA 3.0 Gb/s transmission interface, and uses highly reliable SLC (single-level cell) flash memory essential to guarantee the durability of the product. It delivers sequential read/write speed up to 85/80 MB/sec and is available in capacities from 2GB to 32GB for customers' option, ideal as the system disk. Currently, mSATA has become the mainstream of compact terminal devices. Most of terminal devices have built-in mSATA expansion design, application of which has become increasingly popular. In addition to itscompactness, ApacermSATA Mini M4 features MLC (multi-level cell) solution, along with high capacity and low cost. With capacity up to 64GB, it facilitatesthe backup of dataand brings great convenience to the customers regardingflexible replacement.

Moreover, to enable the terminal devices to stay reliable even in demanding environments, the current mSATA Mini M4 and mSATA Mini M4-M also provide the vendor guaranteed wide-temp chips, which means it can run stably and reliably in the industry-level wide-temp (-40°C ~ 85°C) environments. In terms of product reliability, this product series boasts multiple advanced technologies including Global Wear Leveling, S.M.A.R.T technologies, 16-bit or 24-bit Error Correcting Code and intelligent power failure recovery, thus rendering optimal reliability and stability.

Apacer highlights that the firmware and major components of all the products can be fixed upon customers’ recognition and verification. This reduces the risk of out-of-stock and compatibility issues by offering stable supply and high reliability to customers. Currently the new product has entered mass production. Samples are now available for customers to run test.



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