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Apacer launches ultra-small SATA modular SSD dedicated for 1U servers

( Aug 13, 2012 ) Bookmark and Share

To streamline the operation of machine rooms and cut down on hosting fees, many enterprises adopt compact 1U rack servers for a smaller machinery footprint, decrease in cost and increase in processing speeds. The purpose is to achieve a more efficient management on the part of IT personnel. With this trend going mainstream, and after having garnering the Taiwan Excellence Awards for its compact SATA modules, Apacer has added a new series of SDM4 mini industrial SSDs to the lineup. Tailored for the 1U server, the new series boasts upgraded speeds and a doubling of capacity. The minimum height is only 30.35mm, enhancing the air ventilation inside the 1U chassis. With the SATA connector on the left or right side of the PCB and with different types of casings, the SSD is available for customers' diverse choices. In this way, it meets the needs for various setups and is suitable for system startup/booting as a high-stability storage solution. 

 In addition to the SDM4 series featuring highly stable SLC chips and capacities of up to 32GB, Apacer has also rolled out the SDM4-M series for cost-sensitive customers. The SDM4-M series uses MLC chips, with capacities available from 4GB to 64GB.At present, the MLC series supports operations at extended temperatures (-40°C ~ +85°C). The vendor guaranteed wide-temp MLC chip can elevate the reliability, lifespan and stability of systems.The series is equipped with various value-added technologies to enhance performance, including Global Wear Leveling, Error Correcting Code with 16~24 bit/1K byte, and intelligent power failure recovery. Among the optional value-added functions are CoreProtector (including the Write Protect and Read Protect technologies and security key), CoreEraser and CoreDestroyer. All of these guarantee the best reliability, stability and safety of the product.

According to Apacer, as compact terminal devices have become a new trend, the ultra-small profile of the new-gen SDM4 can streamline the mechanical space of a 1U system while offering the advantages of heat dissipation and capacity expansion. It is especially designed for ultra-thin 1U enterprise-level servers.Samples are now available for customers to conduct evaluation and tests on. Mass production is slated for Q3 2012.



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