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Apacer Pro Series SSD, “the Best Entry Model” that redefines speed/price performance with affordable pricing at US$100 and 48% faster system boot-up speed

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(Taipei) Enjoy the ultra-high read/write speed of a solid-state drive (SSD) without stretching your budget anymore! Apacer –the leading storage manufacturer– launches A7201 SSD of Pro Series, a product priced at user-friendly US$100 that delivers an ultra-fast read/write speed. The boot drive, for example, runs faster at boot-up by 48% when equipped with A7201 in contrast to traditional hard drives. Application startup and file access speeds are also drastically boosted. A7201's budget-friendly price and high-speed performance are not only widely acclaimed by users but also won it the name “the best entry model” for SSD as lauded by DRAMeXchange.

A7201 SSD

The total shipment of Apacer SSD products worldwide, which are designated in various professional fields, has exceeded 10 million units. This year of 2010 will see the Pro Series sweep the market with its friendly-priced SSD models, boosting its market penetration. The second generation of Pro Series slated for Q2 plus a new generation of high-speed Turbo Series SSD available in capacity of up to 512 GB will surely revolutionize the speed performance intrinsic to an SSD!

Own an ultra-speedy SSD at friendly prices
Many computer users hungry for ultra-fast read/write performance of SSD are daunted by the high prices. To enable more of them to enjoy SSD-unique advantages, Apacer —the global leading memory manufacturer— is introducing the best SSD entry model: Pro Series-A7201, with the most user-friendly price that allow consumers experience the excitement of speedy fast read/write performance more conveniently. A7201 boasts topnotch features such as high-speed read/write performance, shock-proof durability, super low power consumption and zero noise. It immediately became a heatedly discussed topic among hard-core players upon its launch. Particularly, the less-than US$100 budget-friendly price yet with the capacity of up to 32G have garnered many favorable responses and comments from users.

A7201, available in capacities from 32GB to 128GB, is the choice boot drive to take the place of traditional hard drives. Users can immediately enjoy the high-speed excitement of drastically enhanced boot-up speed and instant startup of applications. According to the internal tests conducted by Apacer, using A7201 as a boot drive can raise the boot-up speed by 48% compared to common hard drives, significantly reducing the waiting time for a more convenient performance upgrade! In addition, A7201 also comes with an exclusive SSD+Optimizer upgrade kit including SATA and USB adapter with cable, silicone protective cover, Acronis Ture Image 11 Home backup software and the exclusive SSD+Optimizer software. Users may easily back up system and swiftly switch to the SSD system without being tortured by the lengthy system re-installation and patch downloads. Simply enjoy the pleasure of hassle-free upgrade!

Revolutionizing speed performance: the launch of 2nd-gen Turbo SSD series slated for Q2
The sales volume of Apacer's SSD reaches 2.5 million units in year 2009, with the cumulative sales volume exceeding 10 million units. As the designated SSD brand among international computer manufactures and in aerospace/medical fields and the gaming industry, it's highly acclaimed among professional users and computer gamers. Apacer ushers in the era when SSD will become more prevalent with Pro Series – A7201 and will introduce the more advanced and speedier 2nd-gen Turbo series slated for this Q2. By supporting the capacity of 512GB at maximum, it caters to the demands of the high-end market, where no hard-core professional players would be left disappointed!



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