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Apacer presents at COMPUTEX - Digital Storage for Everyday Life

( May 31, 2002 ) Bookmark and Share

Taipei, Taiwan May 31, 2002 - Complete range of products on display: from memory modules through Memory Sticks and ATA disk chips and modules to the eView integrated storage solution

Apacer Technology, one of the world's leading third-party suppliers of memory modules and other storage solutions, today announced that it would be showcasing ""Storage for Everyday Life"" at booth D705 in Hall 1 of the annual Computex show in Taipei from June 3-7. Stressing the essential role that memory technology has to play in daily life, and the ways in which the right storage solutions can even improve the quality of life,The display gives visitors a chance to experience the benefits of Apacer's own solutions.

As technology adapts to meet the requirements of the new digital era, personal computing, communications, and consumers are converging. ""Apacer believes that, as storage solutions become more convenient and easier to use, they will adopt a pivotal role in everyday life - not just in the office and on the move, but also in home entertainment,"" said Apacer vice-president Lawrence Lo. Apacer's Memory Stick, eView integrated storage solution and ATA disk chips and modules (ADC/ADM) will be part of Apacer's display targeting everyday life applications.

Apacer is the first company in Asia to partner with Sony Corporation to promote Memory Stick storage media. The Apacer Memory Stick has a wide range of applications and is fully compatible with all products that include a built-in Memory Stick slot, including PC systems, PDAs, IAs (such as webpads, tablet PCs, set-top boxes, thin-clients and smartphones), card readers, digital cameras and camcorders, and other electronics devices. Currently Memory Sticks are being sold in over 200 countries and the standard has been implemented in over 300 different products. Selling under its own brand name, Apacer is expected to help develop the adoption of the Memory Stick standard in IT applications.

The eView integrated solution is a mobile storage and management device. Equipped with its own display and storage capacity up to 40GB, the eView is the perfect stand-alone solution for users shooting digital stills and video away from the home or office. Able to store the contents of up to 160 256MB flash cards, users will find they're never short of portable memory space. Direct connections to other devices including TV, computer, and CD-R drives mean that eView can also act as a file hub - providing unlimited storage options and a reliable temporary backup solution

Apacer's ADC and ADM solutions are the first IDE interface embedded flash memory devices in the world. Highly reliable, with a small form-factor and high-speed ATA-standard data transfer, the new generation ADC/ADM solutions offer capacities up to 512MB and data protection. Apacer will also be demonstrating their use in home applications such as set-top box, VOD (video-on-demand) and DVR (digital video recorder) applications.



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