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Apacer Technology will be showcasing its new PC2700 CSP DDR Module, ADC/ ADM and Sun Workstation Memory Module at Computex 2001 Apacer will be showcasing its Newest and Brightest Memory solutions at booth # A1232

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Taipei, Taiwan  - June 4-8, 2001  - Striving for the best, Apacer Technology the world leader in Memory Solution will be demonstrating our newest CSP DDR memory solution in conjunction with embedded flash design for IA and Sun Blade 100 workstation memory solution at the Computex 2001. Dynamic indeed, this new era of high tech memory solution requires small form factor, low power consumption and high density. Apacer has streamlined our products to cater to the specific needs of today's market and performance. In addition, Apacer's legendary vertical integration for both vertical and horizontal system applications will come alive to you in our booth A1232.

""As the Number 4 third party memory manufacture in the world, Apacer Technology is to present you with the newest technology solution for every memory requirements. With strategic alliances with leading companies in the industry, Apacer is poised to provide you with vertical integration capability that will take you into the next level of memory solution. There are many firsts in 2001 for Apacer, we are the first company to introduce the PC2700 CSP DDR solution into the market, and we are the first company to offer ADC(ATA-Disk Chip) embedded flash solution using the ATA/IDE interface. Furthermore, we are quick in developing third party memory module specifically for Sun Blade 100 workstation. All these breakthroughs, Apacer is proud to announce to you during the show,"" Austin Chen, General Manager of Apacer Technology Inc.

Apacer will be showing our newest and fastest memory solution for you. Our PC2700 CSP DDR (Double Data Rate) memory module using WBGA, an advanced chip scale package, in conjunction with our stringent testing and assembling process will give you a brand new look at what DDR at 333MHz is all about. This solution can be used in various platforms including Sever, Network Hub, Notebook, Standard PC and IA related products. This technology will give you a proposition of high performance and cost effectiveness.

Apacer's Sun Blade 100 workstation memory is another prove of Apacer's engineering know how. Sun Blade 100 is a workstation that is designed to be the work horse in the field of high speed data transfer in this new internet age. This powerful workstation provides both high performance and low price in this rising e-commerce world. It uses UNIX platform base on 64 Megabit system that can provide up to 2GB(512MBX4) and ECC (Error Correction Code) to insure data stability and integrity. This is the first workstation platform that is dedicated to medium to small size companies requirements. 

Apacer's ADC( ATA-Disk Chip) is another powerful embedded flash memory solution. This solution is the result of collaboration between Acer Computer, SST and Apacer. It features small form factor, ATA/IDE interface, low power consumption, highly compatible with all systems, no special software requirement, mobile, vibration proof, ECC and many other features that are essential for IA products and systems that require flexible memory solutions. This product has already been design-in for many different IA platform applications including Acer Computer latest generation of IA related products. We sincerely believe the future of memory storage need has already arrived, it is a product that you can not miss. 

""Apacer is positioning ourselves to be the leader of memory solution for today and tomorrow, we have invested heavily in designing more products that are small in size, low in power consumption, and high in memory density to fit your application demands. Our innovation in engineering and pursue for higher standard perpetuates our philosophy of high-tech memory solution for our customers. Apacer firmly believe that we are only at the tip of the ice berg, the era of IA is now ahead of us. We are confident that through our memory solution and ourtechnology know how, we will be working side by side and conquering this uncharted market of IA based concept,"" Austin Chen General Manager of Apacer Technology Inc.



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