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Acer, Apacer, and SST Deliver ATA-Disk Chip Storage Solutions - Digital Memory with ATA Interface

( May 07, 2001 ) Bookmark and Share

TAIPEI, TAIWAN - May 7, 2001 - Apacer, the world-leading memory module supplier, today announced a new win-win-win strategy uniting Acer, Apacer, and Silicon Storage Technology (SST) for the creation of chip-based digital memory solutions.

Working with Acer and SST, Apacer is introducing a new generation of affordable ATA-Disk Chip which are ideally suited for Internet appliance(IA)-type applications. These easy-to-use flash memory solutions utilize industry-standard ATA-interface controller technology, making them very affordable and flexible flash memory storage solutions for a wide range of uses.

 ""The opportunities for future development are very exciting,"" says Apacer President Austin Chen. ""The uses for these new types of flash memory module products will go beyond anything we can imagine today. The future is now upon us.""

This venture blends the strengths of three industry leaders to create chip based solution ATA-Disk Chip. Such high-capacity, silicon-based storage devices can be used for data storage and retrieval: functions which were formerly only available using technologies found in today`s hard disk drives (HDD).

""Acer will be exploring a broad range of applications for this exciting new type of product category. This is exactly what we have been focusing on in our development of latest-generation Internet appliance and mobile computing products,"" added Honda Hwang, Acer AVP for Internet Appliances.

Acer`s Hwang went on to say, ""Working closely with SST and Apacer just makes good sense. SST is a well-respected designer of high-quality semiconductor IC devices. They have impressive intellectual property development capabilities with innovative engineering and design expertise. Apacer is making great strides in continuing to expand the range and type of memory products it has to offer. They also have strong ties to other leading IT players and are always a dependable and reliable partner to work with. We are very happy to have this opportunity to work with these two fine organizations.""

The new surge in digital Internet appliance (IA) devices is setting the stage for a huge new wave of interest in affordable digital memory devices and systems.

About SST

Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, SST designs, manufactures and markets a diversified range of nonvolatile memory solutions, based on proprietary, patented SuperFlash technology, for high volume applications in the digital consumer, networking, wireless communications and Internet computing markets. SST`s product families include high-functionality flash memory components, flash mass storage products and 8-bit microcontrollers with on-chip flash memory. SST also offers its SuperFlash technology for embedded applications through its world-class manufacturing partners and technology licensees: IBM, National Semiconductor, Motorola, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., SANYO Electric Co., Ltd., Seiko Epson Corp. and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (TSMC). TSMC offers SuperFlash under its trademark Emb-FLASH. Further information on SST can be found on the company`s Web site at www.ssti.com.



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