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Apacer First with Super-Fast PC2700 DDR Memory Modules - Number One DDR CSP Solution Provider Takes Lead with New PC2700 Memory Modules

( Mar 14, 2001 ) Bookmark and Share

Taipei, Taiwan - March 14, 2001 - Apacer, worldwide memory module leader, today announced the introduction of a new, next-generation PC2700 double data rate (DDR) memory module product line, the latest in super-fast high-performance memory offerings. Using a groundbreaking technology, and in partnership with IBM, Nanya Technology Inc. (NTC), and United Test Center Inc. (UTC), Apacer has taken a newly expanded leadership role, becoming the first to offer computer memory which supports the lightening-fast DDR333 PC2700 industry standard. Products are expected to become available by the end of first quarter 2001.

DDR memory is the latest in high-performance memory module technological advances. It offers twice the data bandwidth of conventional PC100 or PC133 SDRAM, and is particularly well-suited for high-performance servers and workstations which need optimal CPU-memory performance.

Apacer forecasts that DDR memory, which is expected to comprise less than one percent of the SDRAM/DDR memory market during the first quarter of 2001, will grow to cover more than 30 percent by the end of the year. Apacer has already established itself as the number one player in chip scale packaging (CSP) double data rate (DDR) memory modules. The company is now able to deliver complete CSP-WBGA solutions through a recently-established alliance with United Test Center Inc. (UTC). Memory packaged with CSP-WGBA process is more reliable and compact, meanwhile, offers important performance enhancement as the memory modules are capable of operating at higher clock speeds.

This gives Apacer a strong advantage in terms of flexibility of future product development by applying CSP technology to create memory modules for the increasingly stringent demands of ever-faster computing systems.The new CSP-WBGA process results in better electrical performance due to shortened wire lengths. The shorter wire leads reduce noise and interference, thus allowing the modules to operate at higher clock speeds than conventional memory modules, making PC2700 modules possible. And by virtually eliminating the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) mis-match Issue by matching the expansion coefficients of the substrate and the packaging material, enhanced heat dissipation is also possible.""

UTC's technology allows for shorter wire leads which will result in less noise and higher memory speed performance,"" commented UTC Vice President Jeff Biar. ""Using this technology, Apacer will be able to bring high-speed PC2700 memory modules to market faster than competitors. The result of the combined benefits of the new CSP-WBGA process include lower costs, higher yields, better reliability, and increased customer satisfaction.""

""Our ability to deliver cutting-edge CSP solutions gives Apacer the fast-track position in today's heated race for next-generation memory products,"" proclaimed Apacer President Austin Chen, ""The CSP-WGBA solutions we have to offer break through major barriers, which other competitors must face in terms of clock cycle speeds and cost justification."" Another key benefit of the UTC CSP-WBGA process is the ability to make much more compact in size than traditional TSSOP processes. By being able to increase the amount of memory on a given size, CSP DRAM can be applied on new space-constrained applications, such as smart phone, X-box and PDA. CSP-WBGA solutions also helped to grab ever growing thin-server market. Memory modules for future server computers face strict height limitations as many systems have little extra headroom for memory modules. Given this limitation, without the ability to increase chip density per module, server systems would face severe memory capacity restrictions.

By adopting CSP-WBGA process, Apacer is able to fit more memory chips on same-sized modules, thus making it possible to create higher capacity modules that conform to existing space limitations. Says Chen, ""Apacer is dedicated to maintaining and enhancing its industry leadership through bold new ventures, such as our latest partnerships with leading technology suppliers like IBM and UTC. We will continue to keep the pace fast as we will need to stay ahead of very aggressive competitors in this very competitive industry.""



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