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Apacer Partners with UTC to Provide CSP Memory Solutions - Offer Full Line of WBGA Modules Using New Chip Scale Packaging Technology

( Mar 08, 2001 ) Bookmark and Share

Taipei, Taiwan - March 08, 2001 - Apacer is now able to deliver complete CSP solutions through a newly-established alliance with United Test Center Inc. (UTC). Based on early technical involvement with leading IT players, Apacer memory modules are compatible with major players' motherboards.

""This is a great day for Apacer,"" beamed Apacer President Austin Chen, ""UTC has invested a lot of time and talent into the development of their chip scale packaging (CSP) WindowBGA (WBGA) technology and we are proud to be one of the first to offer more reliable, high-density, high-performance WBGA memory modules. CSP-WindowBGA memory products are suitable for 1u servers, routers, switches, and IA-related products.""

UTC has developed an impressive pool of intellectual property assets, much of which is focused in the area of materials development. The CSP-WindowBGA packaging technique is made possible through the use of the company`s new epoxy-based organic adhesives which simplify the production process. This new process is characterized by very high yield rates, better heat dissipation, and cost savings. Additional benefits of using the new process include better electrical performance due to shortened wire lengths, and virtual elimination of the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) mis-match Issue by matching the expansion coefficients of the substrate and the packaging material.

""The importance of the CSP-WBGA process will become more clear as the trends continue for faster memory module solutions. UTC`s technology allows for shorter wire leads which result in less noise and higher memory speed performance,"" commented UTC Vice President Jeff Biar. ""Using the UTC technology, Apacer will be able to bring high-speed memory modules to market faster than competitors, with additional cost savings as well.""

Another key benefit of the CSP-WindowBGA process is the ability to make WBGA packaged DRAM much more compact in size than traditional DRAM processes. By being able to increase the amount of memory on a given size module, new types of memory module products can be developed for both new applications, such as Internet appliances, as well as traditional uses such as in personal computers. By putting more chips on the same size circuit board, users can enjoy greater functionality and increased performance, beyond what is currently possible with traditional DRAM packaging.

When Apacer was looking for a CSP partner, it took into consideration the following questions: Do the CSP solutions undergo data reliability/full electrical testing? Is their cost/performance effective for market competition? Do their modules offer common pin-out for commodity device deployment? Do products offer complete SMT assembly process compatibility?

""UTC is the one key player in the field that had it all. With UTC, we have everything we need for CSP-WindowBGA solutions,"" says Apacer's Chen. ""Our partnership with UTC is an opportunity for Apacer to leverage a key technological alliance, giving the company a significant competitive edge in high-growth markets. CSP-WindowBGA offers many important advantages over traditional packaging, and partnering with UTC has made it all possible.



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