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Erasure of data on a disk drive is not a simple task. Deleting a file merely removes its name from the directory structure’s special disk sectors. The user data remains in the drive data storage sectors where it can be retrieved until the sectors are overwritten by new data. Reformatting a disk drive clears the file directory and severs the links between storage sectors, but the user data remains and can be recovered until the sectors are overwritten.

The cardinal rule of computer storage design has been to protect user data at all costs. Disk drives supply primary mass storage for computer systems. Designed to prevent accidental erasure of data, Techniques such as “recycle” folder and “Unerase” commands are common ways that operating systems try to prevent unexpected loss of user data. Deletion of file pointers is standard to speeds data writing, because actual overwriting of file data is far slower. It fact, drives use elaborate error detection and correction techniques to make sure that they don’t return incorrect user data. All this means that true computer data erasure is an abnormal event. These measures taken to protect and speed access to user data can make that data vulnerable to recovery by unauthorized persons. If data is not erased beyond recovery, data on disk drives that leave the physical control of owners can and often does fall into hands of others. Data can be recovered with little effort, from discarded, warranty repaired, or resold disk drives. Therefore, there is an urgent need for a capability of reliable data erasure to prevent access to data from retired computer disk drives for security and privacy reasons.

The Quick Erase switch is built into the disk drive itself and thus far less susceptible to malicious software attacks than external software utilities. It is a positive easy-to-use data destroy process, amounting to electronic data shredding. Executing the process causes a drive to internally completely erase all user data on all NAND flash chips, including user block and spare block, of the disk drive. This process is carried out within disk drives, so no additional software is required. A Quick Erased disk drive will present as a brand new drive since data value in all sectors would equal to “FF” or ”00”. All previous data on the device will be impossible to interpret after being Quick Erased even if NAND flash chips are disassembled and reattached to other devices.


  • Highly applicable
  • Unlimited practical value
  • Lightening fast erase time
  • Ensure data security
  • 100% complete purification

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