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When utilizing flash memory devices, it is a problem to deal with potentially intermittent power sources or power availability. An unstable or failing power supply is one of the major causes of field failure for all storage systems. As flash memory is non-volatile, once data is stored it will not be affected by loss of power. However, as data operation in progress, the flash memory can be left in an incomplete state by a power loss event.

When information stores to recordable media and power supplied below a certain level, compromised data begins to be sent to the media. If the power goes further below another level, all operations stop entirely. To prevent data loss from an event like that, it is necessary to prepare power loss recovery routines enabling the flash memory device through a power loss recovery cycle to check for uncompleted operations upon power up to finish or correct them if possible.

Apacer's progressive algorithm is deployed to all flash products agilely keeping away from data corruption by power loss detection and to data integrity verification. If information is found to be compromised, this algorithm enables the conclusive data validation.


  • Ensure data integrity
  • Enhance availability on data retrieval
  • Avoid data loss in time

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